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Lights Out

Lights Out Underage Rave is easily one of the coolest events at JUMP. This two hour event happens bi-monthly and the name of the event explains it all, we literally turn all the Lights Out, and switch on the disco lights. While the lazer beams reflect off the walls, the live DJ pumps out the tunes to totally transform the look, atmosphere, and vibe of the park. For ages 10-17, this awesome late night experience is a safe and fun event for teens to hangout.

Time: 8pm – 10pm
Cost: $25 per person*

*Price excludes JUMP socks, bring your own or purchase a pair for only $2.50

Book your ‘Lights Out’ ticket online to secure your spot. These events are very popular and do sell out!

Lights Out Dates for 2020:

  • Saturday 27th of June 
  • Saturday 29th of August
  • Saturday 31st of October