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JUMP can be a big place for little ones especially on the weekends when all the big kids want to come too so we have created an exclusive setting for our Mini JUMPers only.

Our exclusive JUMP.mini sessions run every week during the school term on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10am. This is a great time to meet other like minded parents and for the children to work on their balance and confidence while being stimulated with the movement on the trampolines and also the colourful balls while they sing and dance to Disney themed music.

JUMP North Shore mini sessions are very popular and we do encourage you to book in advance so we can ensure we have enough staff on to monitor and play with your precious ones so you can perhaps just sit back and relax with a coffee and good friends.

During Exclusive mini Sessions non-JUMPing spectators are free to watch from the platforms but do not have access to the trampoline itself. If you want to be on the trampolines with them we have a deal! Simply pay an adult admission and your Mini JUMPs for FREE! You can both share the fun.

During our session times outside of our weekday exclusive mini sessions we strongly recommend all mini jumpers are accompanied on the trampolines by an adult - especially at peak times. Because non-JUMPing caregivers are not permitted on or around the trampolines for health and safety due to the capacity you can take up our special offer where you buy an adult (GA) admission and your mini JUMPs for FREE.

Exclusive Mini Sunday Sessions (9am - 10am)

  • Sunday 8th December
  • Sunday 9th February
  • Sunday 8th March
  • Sunday 12th April
  • Sunday 10th May
  • Sunday 14th June
  • Sunday 12th July