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Need to change up your exercise routine? Perhaps start one that will be fun and motivating? JUMP.fit is our unique 45-minute interval training class that is done entirely on the trampolines and in the foam pit. Designed to peak your heart rate and burn calories quicker than any other exercise program, JUMP.fit allows you to work out hard and recover fast. The low-impact antigravity cardio workout is of great advantage to your joints,  providing no hard impact on the body and an overall body workout that will test every muscle.

JUMP.fit caters to people at all fitness levels and is held in an inclusive and encouraging environment. NASA research put out a study that 10 minutes on a trampoline or rebounder is the equivalent to 33 minutes of running. So, let’s get going!

What to bring

Your JUMP socks (if you don’t have any you can purchase a pair for $2.50 on arrival), a bottle of water to stay hydrated, a great attitude and a sweat towel!

  • Classes at Takanini are held at 6 pm Wednesdays, 
  • 45 minute sessions for only $12 for Online bookings / $15 At reception (B.Y.O JUMP socks or just $2.50 on arrival)
  • Suitable for men, women and teenagers of varying fitness levels
  • Relaxed, enjoyable and inclusive culture
  • Please book your space online (Click on the next available date).